This happy ending would never have happened if not for the loc8tor tag and tracker!

Just a short note to say a huge thank you for your amazing product the Loc8tor and your fantastic help in servicing my units after I had managed to get them into a bit of a muddle.

I bought one when they first came on the market and have subsequently bought another couple. I’m not very technically minded and despite the fact that they are really easy to use, have managed to get them into a bit of a muddle a few times.

Your patient help on the telephone has always been much appreciated and the speed of delivery when I have placed an order has to be experienced to be believed – 5 stars from me every time!

I may have already told you - I have an 8 acre property and 5 cats. It is a great comfort to know that when they go too far away, it’s just a case of doing a bit of a walk around until I hear the beeps and then honing in on them until the beeps get louder and louder – somehow they find it a lot easier to get to the top of a tree than to get down! It helps me to know which tree they have climbed.

I have 2 new Burmese kittens (photos attached) and had no intention of letting them out until they had their Loc8tors attached. Luckily as they are so light the kittens didn’t miss a beat when I attached them to their collars.

Again thanks a million for your help.

All the best

- Jeanne and purrs from Lucy, Mischief, Daisy, Coco & Mimi.