How to track your cat

How to track your cat

Welcome to Tabcat, the revolutionary cat finding device that lets you locate your missing pet. Attaching easily to your cat’s collar, the device is no only lightweight it is robust enough to stay on whatever they get up to. With an astonishing degree of accuracy, it will guide you to your cat’s exact location. The Tabcat tracker is more effective and affordable than GPS or other similar systems.

This article will show you how to use Tabcat when you’re trying to find you cat or kitten.


When searching for your cat, simply turn on the handheld device (using the button on the left hand side of the handset). Next press the locate button connected to the tag on your cat. This will be one of the four buttons on the front of the handset which you have linked to the particular tag. Now you need to wait a few second for the lights to appear on the handheld device. Once they appear (after 3 – 10 seconds) turn around 360 degrees.


When the device has detected the tag you are looking for, you’ll see lights on the face of your device and hear beeping. The position and frequency of the lights as well as the pitch and frequency of the beeping when you turn 360 will show you the direction to take. More lights and a louder the sound indicates that the tag is in that direction. Just keep following the direction it tells you and you will see there are more lights and louder beeps. When the device tells you that your are close, turn the

So now you know! And you can track them wherever they may be hiding


Maybe they are lost around the house in a cupboard…


Tabcat will get your cat home… safe and found!