This happy ending would never have happened if not for the loc8tor tag and tracker!

This happy ending would never have happened if not for the loc8tor tag and tracker!

A couple of weeks ago, Domino, one of my cats was let out of the house as usual in the morning. She did not show up at dinner time but that wasn't unusual as she is a picky eater but when it started to get dark, I began to call for her. Now all 6 other cats usually come when they are called or whistled for (weird, I know!) but Domino never does. Nearing close to 11 pm I pulled out my handy tracker and went looking for her.

Now just to put it into perspective, I attached a photo of our area which is very rural and surrounded by fields, woods and my favourite, swamps. When I purchased the Loc8tors, I also purchased a GPS tracking device from G-Paws but it could only tell me where they had been once they came home so it only provided me with a path to follow. The orange line is one of Domino's recorded adventures and the orange balloon on the left is our house and the one on the right is the back shed.

Knowing her general haunting grounds and also previous experiences tracking her down, I put on my boots, got my flashlight and went looking for her. I didn't pick up a signal until I was near the road (at the top of the picture) in a residential area. I tracked her for a bit but could not see her because of the underbrush and that she kept running away from me. I tromped thru the woods keeping on her tail than I lost the signal. Not matter which way I went I couldn't pick up her tag. Finally after getting lost for a bit, I went home hoping she would return in the morning on her own.

She didn't come home that day or the next few days after even though I went out looking for her with the tracker. I figured I would either find her or her collar but to have no signal was daunting. I and others searched and called her for days and every night, no Domino.

Than, after tromping thru the woods and fields yet again, I decided that I hadn't been up the nearby road in the last day so exhausted, I walked up it with the tracker. I got a signal!  Not only that but I found her in the woods behind our house! She was fine, covered in burrs but fine. We were all happy to have her home alive and healthy!

Now this happy ending would never had happened if not for her Loc8tor tag and tracker! With 7 cats that all wanted to go outside and a few close calls, I knew I needed something to be able to find them and I found your site almost a year ago. Your tags have made my life so much easier and my cats as well. I even use the tracker in the house to find a hiding cat or to see if they all came in. The signal is so strong I can pick up a signal on the other side of a house or building! I have NEVER spent money more wisely than by purchasing the Loc8tor tags and tracker. I tell everyone with a wayward cat to buy one and what an amazing and easy to use product it is!

So Thank You Loc8tor!

- Mitchel R. (Canada)