Great device and even greater customer service!

If you are at all hesitant about ordering this product, please take a moment to read my review. Not only does it work as described, but the customer service is beyond anything I could have imagined.

I did have a couple of issues (my fault) and I sent an email to the company in the UK. They reached out to me by email immediately and then wonders upon wonders by a phone call after requesting my home number here in Canada. They asked me to send my loc8tor back to them which I did and they examined my device, found out the problem (I had bought the wrong battery) and returned it with the correct size battery, a spare and two additional tag protectors. A couple of months later, my device quit working. After another email, more phone calls etc. I received a brand new Loc8tor which works perfectly. The company did this all at their expense. I have two cats which are mainly confined to our yard, but once In awhile,being cats, they escape. The Loc8tor locates them easily and I have such peace of mind. You won't be sorry if you order this.

Joy B. (Canada)