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Rudolf M.

“It’s been nearly five months that I purchased your Loc8tor with two protection covers for the tags bundled with the kit. We use one of the tags to avoid losing our pedigree cat, the other is a backup. I took time to give you my feedback as I did not want to make hasty judgments. But today, I can safely express my satisfaction with this tiny device. Not a single day passes without using it to find our minette. Often though, it is more than once a day. It happened to me twice, when she was probably hidden in a place isolating radio waves that I could not spot her, but in a great majority of cases it would not take more than one or two minutes to locate her. It’s so fun and easy to use. The hand unit is somewhat directional, which helps tremendously ! I feared for the battery life in both tag and the hand unit, taking the declaration of 8 months at a rate of one search per day a bit exaggerated, but five months later I can’t help telling you my congratulations as everything still works just fine with the original cells ! As an engineer in electronics, I take my hat off in front of this great technological achievement and skills of people behind".

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