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James D.

I adopted 2 little kittens (feral, born under the library at school). We live in a complex of 184 units with large grounds.

I have used the loc8tor for over a year now and it works like an absolute charm! Not only has loc8tor has given me a great peace of mind but it has given Elliot and Charlie (the kittens) the freedom of the complex. Aside from the intangible value of peace of mind, the business case for the product is simple - Charlie has lost his collar 14 times and Elliot has lost his 6 times (the collars are designed to snap off when pressure is applied), and in every case we have been able to find the collars again. Take each collar at about R100.00, the name tags each at about R70.00, and you have a total amount of money saved of about R3,400, or about twice the price we paid for the units (actually I bought 2 extra tags which makes the business case even better!)

They are having a glorious life in their "urban jungle", all thanks to this product.

This is the second time I have purchased a Loc8tor because the old units just wore out, but I am more than happy to buy more as the old ones wear.

This is a wonderful idea which is very well executed and if you are thinking of going the Loc8tor route stop thinking about it and just do it - you won't be sorry!

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